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They have always been kind to me. Do you mean they have deliberately shut their eyes to your infamous practices?

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In the assessment of one scholar "Saul refused to play the role assigned to him. In his summing up, the judge asked the jury to assess whether they could possibly accept the word of a "loathsome object" against that of Lord Euston. Parke was found guilty of libel and imprisoned. However Saul's testimony is likely to have been the truth, as Euston was well known in the homosexual underworld and was later subject to repeated blackmail.

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Despite Saul's confession of prostitution on the witness stand, the Attorney General declined to prosecute him. The reason is unknown. Given Saul's revelations and manner as a mere witness — which had been considered shocking enough, and the unproven rumour then circulating in high society and police circles that Prince Albert Victor had visited the brothel, it may be that the authorities were concerned over what he would have said, or who he may have implicated, had he been placed in the position of having to defend himself.

The Euston libel trial was Saul's last appearance in the press. He became a servant at a small family-run hotel, the Marlborough, at 23 Villiers Street in the Strand, before returning to Dublin, where in he was registered as a butler.

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  6. He is buried in Glasnevin Cemetery in an unmarked grave. No photograph of Saul is known to exist. A biography of Saul, The Sins of Jack Saul by Glenn Chandler , the writer of television detective series Taggart , was published in , with a revised 2nd edition issued later the same year. It revealed hitherto unknown details about Saul's life before and after Cleveland Street. Saul has also featured prominently in a large number of academic studies, and histories, including Morris Kaplan's Who's Afraid of John Saul?

    Saul also partially inspired Jonathan Kemp's novel London Triptych.

    He appears as an embittered older prostitute and narrator in the stage show Cleveland Street: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. William Sex Scandal: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies. The Advertiser Adelaide. Retrieved 29 January Nameless Offences: Homosexual Desire in the 19th Century , I.

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    History Ireland. Sodom on the Thames.

    Cornell University Press. Montgomery The History of Pornography , p Sex Scandal: The Stage. Retrieved Exeunt Magazine. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Tyler 4 votes. Alex 1 vote.

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