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Of course, behind the escorts' sales techniques and the innuendo, there are deeper issues involved. It's a problem that's beginning to pop up in marriage-counselling ses-sions, as therapist Tony Moore from Relationships Ireland testifies. I had one couple where the use of a male escort by the wife was a major problem," he recalls.

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She had started using a male escort and used the same one all the time, which most women do for safety reasons. Her husband was shattered, just as most women are when they find out their husband has been playing away. In the end, the woman stopped seeing the escort and she and her husband came to some understanding, but how long can such an understanding can last? There's also a social stigma involved and women are more harshly morally judged than men.

The therapist says Irish women do use male escorts, but it's not as prevalent here as in the UK -- and it's under the radar. So it's not anonymous in the way that a man going to a prostitute in a brothel is.

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For safety reasons, the woman has usually been assured by a friend that the gigolo she's using is safe and she will tend to use the same one over and over. The reason it's marketed differently is that it's a very different experience for women. Women are more discreet and subtle than men. He adds: Also, in general, women aren't fuelling their sexual desires by looking at porn in the way that men are. It's very very different. Yet, he says, Irish women would never admit to using an escort: Whatever about the male hierarchy not being ready to allow women pay for sex as men have been doing for years, Irish women aren't even ready for that situation.

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David Coleman Teenage boys watch pornography. Estimates, based on the research evidence that I have tracked, suggest that about half of all pre-teens and teenagers between the ages of 11 and 16 watch Mary O'Conor I find myself yet again lying here on my own in the spare room, ready to pull the trigger on some revenue-spinning lonely hearts website. But it never amounts to anything - I either don't push Confessions of a male escort.

Catherine Murphy November 6 6: Other attempts at popularising prostidudes have failed. Who can afford those fees in recessionary Ireland? And, according to Tony Moore, Ireland is 30 years behind other European countries on this issue. Too much, too young: Katie Byrne: Dear Mary: I found her ex-boyfriend's number on her phone - now I want Independent Style. I've reconnected with my first love who has helped I'm a married woman in my forties with teenage Looking for love: So it's Valentine's Day. Named after a Christian My partner and his friend lied about their intimate My boyfriend of six months has a female best friend.

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Ask our resident psychologist Allison: Q My father recently met How speed dating is becoming the new Tinder in Ireland Modern age Social Sightings: For example, in jurisdictions where sex work and homosexuality are criminalised, using online platforms to market services may be problematic, because the identification of the escort is revealed through information sharing.

Operating such sites may violate law, as evidenced via the Rentboy. Of the countries with the highest concentration of male sex work profiles on the internet see Table , same-sex relations were not criminalised in the following countries: In China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United States, either homosexuality or prostitution is legal or restricted. While it has been assumed that male clientele are the primary market for male escorts, our survey suggests there is a smaller but significant market for female clients who engage with paid sexual services with men.

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Table 1 also shows that the clientele by gender varied. As expected, there were about two times more male escorts for men 72, than for women or couples 32, The top ten countries with the largest number of male escorts for women and couples were in order: Mexico 14, , Brazil , the U.

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A number of factors may explain the variability between jurisdictions. For example, in Mexico, sex work and same sex relations are legal, its in close proximity to the United States, it has relatively low rates for hiring escorts, and the Latino sexual culture may provide an attraction. Latin American and Western European countries feature prominently on the list, accounting for The results also reveal that the United Kingdom had more male escorts seeking female and couples clients than male escorts seeking male clients, as did Uganda and Argentina. Other countries with a higher percentage of escorts for women and couples in the country included: Chile There are some limitations of the website survey worth noting.

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The numbers are almost certainly an under-representation of male escorts. There are several reasons for this:. One thing is clear from the large number of websites on male escorting: Research needs to develop a more comprehensive approach to establishing a reliable baseline dataset, so that trends in the distribution of male sex workers across time and nations can be studied.

Equally important is the development of a survey instrument that is produced in consultation with and administered with sex work organisations, non-government organisations NGOs , health agencies and owners of brothels. Capturing the varied sex work settings would offer a more comprehensive estimate on the number of male escorts globally. This website is exclusively for people over 18 years of age. By entering this website, you represent, warrant and covenant that you are at least 18 years old.

Research shows distribution of online male escorts, by nation. Home Blog Research shows distribution of online male escorts, by nation. Online escorts: Clientele While it has been assumed that male clientele are the primary market for male escorts, our survey suggests there is a smaller but significant market for female clients who engage with paid sexual services with men.

Number of male escorts online by country Country No.

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